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  • Melanie Ann Philp

What Will It Take ?

Do you find yourself wondering what the new year can bring? Do you find yourself having hope, full of excitement, having dreams and a great desire of achieving your goals? Or do you feel stuck, lacking energy and drive, thinking that the new year it’s nothing more than the same walk on the same old path, holding hands with your same old - unhappiness, anxiety and stress?

Stop for a minute and contemplate - what if this new year can bring you all the things you hope for? What if you find the strength to say goodbye to miserable, dark and dull days? What if you can let go of the fear inside that you believe that’s your friend, but it holds you down, firmly on the ground, face deep down in mud, unable to think, to breath, unable to be! WHAT WILL IT TAKE?

It might take courage that you think you don’t have! It might take hope, but hope was lost a long time ago. It might take will, but you’re tired to always fight!

Stop for a minute and reflect - once upon a time you had courage and hope and will! You had dreams, you had plans, there was joy in your heart and laughter in your eyes! There is still a little person inside you, trapped and stuck by dark thoughts and everyday life stress, anxiety and panic, lost hope and dead dreams. This little person is still part of you, maybe a part long forgotten, barely breathing, BUT STILL ALIVE!

You might start to wonder where to start to declutter your inner world. What things, experiences and thoughts you want to let go off in order to make space, for the little person that’s still part of you and is barely breathing, to grow and to start to shine?

Unhappiness, anxiety, stress and depression are part of everyone’s life. We all experience them, it’s what it means to be human. We all have good days and bad days. For some of us, it’s possible to keep in mind that a bad day is just that, and tomorrow things can be different. Tomorrow the sun will shine again! For others, bad days are a state of being, and feelings like sadness, emotional overwhelm, helplessness, hopelessness and irritability can become personality traits.

Stop for a minute and wonder - if you are the kind of person who developed personality traits that bring unhappiness in your life, what’s there to stop you developing a new set of personality traits that can bring joy and fulfilment to your existence? You’ve got potential, there is no doubt about that, you are a creator, a magician, but maybe so far you didn’t quite get the right potion, or maybe you had the wrong wand.

Remember that little person inside you that wants to shine, the keeper of your dreams, the one who holds hope and wants to have fun and to feel alive? Set that little person free, let it fly!

This new year, let yourself be you. Let yourself be brave, fearless, assertive! Say it loud and say it proud “I have the right to be me!”, “I have the right to be happy!”. Achieve your goals, dare to dream, have no regrets! Happiness comes from within, love yourself, accept yourself, be gentle on you! You are the most amazing person to walk the Earth and you were given the greatest of gifts - the gift of life. MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

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